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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Georgetown - Continued

It was difficult to say goodbye to Stuart, Kylie and Samsters on Clementine, but they have their journeys and we have ours. We have received emails from Kylie and they are doing well. They are probably in Jamaica by now. Samsters has such a great attitude about cruising. She decides she loves the rain when we have to suddenly bring in our clothes from the lifelines. She did not mind that her sheets were rather salty from the open air that flows through her v-berth. Her words in regards to such things are "it is all a part of it." Sure, schooling can be difficult for any kid on board. Regardless, she is the best cruising kid you could want on your vessel.
We love the junglesk path they showed us that crosses Stocking Island from Sand Dollar Beach to the ocean side. We take that path almost every day, even though the surf lately has been more punishment than fun. We are glad the surf was agreeable when Sami was here. Here is a short clip of the Samsters taming a wave:

We are managing to carry on without them. We met Ed, Ilene and their precious dog Muffy on 'Tropical Impluse,' a Morgan 50. They used to have an FBO (Flight Based Operations) and Ed had some of our favorite birds such as a Stearman, Cub and Waco. We spent days talking about our experiences with classic birds. In the hopes of landing some protein, they took us fishing on Tropical Impulse around the outside of Stocking Island. We were all so hopeful and occasionally Muffy would bark at the flying fish - just as anxious as the rest of us to get dinner. Unfortunately it was on a fishing day, not a catching day.
Myron has volunteered his help to a couple of cruising boats in need of mechanical assistance. You always hope for a simple fix, but we found these folks were resilient even with bad news because they were pleased to finally have a diagnosis upon which they could take action. The diagnosis was not so good on the starter for Michael and Hilda on 'More Mischief,' a 47' French made sloop that looks as though she could handle a race course. A new starter is on its way. Myron threw in the suggestion that he is interested in crewing for them at the Georgetown Regatta. We are welcome if they do race, but they have not committed to racing at this point.
We stopped by the famous volley ball beach at 'Chat and Chill.' Not to play but to get a heaping helping of conch salad. The salad chef went out to the water and picked a live conch out of a bag he had stored there. That conch salad could not have been more fresh. After cleaning the conch, he gave Myron the scraps so we could feed the large friendly rays at that beach. It was the first time either of us fed these gentle creatures, an obvious remark once you see us on film:

Myron met more new folks at a Ham meeting and also learned that there is a Ham test next Thursday. He wants to upgrade to the next level,Extra. This upgraded license gives the advantage of expanded frequency usage. I am glad he knows all that stuff, it is Greek to me.
Georgetown is a great place to stop over, hang out, meet new folks, provision, regroup or just decompress. A cruiser gave John Paul, a local Bahamian, some seeds and we are feasting upon his fresh home grown tomatoes. In Georgetown, there is something for everybody or you can do nothing. We plan to hang out here for a bit and wait out these cold fronts. We have not run out of things to do or people to meet and engage.
Please remember us in your prayers, that we may be bold in truth and love.
Love to all,

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