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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Back at Normans

We had a rolly night at Allens so this morning we sailed back to Normans and plan to stay until the sea calms down a little for our fishing trip off of Highborne. Then we plan to sail up to the Abacos. These are plans based upon the weather behaving and lately it has not been 'having' at all.

This weather has given us an opportunity to get more time of Hold Fast in her sailing groove. Both yesterday and today were beam reaches. We were towing the dinghy without its engine and held over six knots and were often seeing seven knots. She is such a forgiving boat and keeps reminding us that she is a joy to sail. The other day, with all three sails pulling, we passed a catamaran. It was a sad day for that cat. I must also point out that it is a joy to sail on the banks. We have only to deal with wind chop as there is no real swell.

Still we hope for a very calm day, under ten knots, to conduct some prime fishing.

Peace to all,

Posted via Ham radio.

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