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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fishing and Ship Channel Cay

The prospect of this long awaited and unborn fishing trip made for interrupted sleep last night. I had doubts the winds would actually subside. In addition, we are having spring tides. Today was a negative 1 foot followed by a high of 3.6 feet. A more than four foot tide change can make the cuts a bit of a handful. As a result, we planned to hit Norman's Cut at slack high, about 7:30 am this morning. We were anchored about an hour from the cut. Needless to say, we were busy preparing to get underway well before sunrise.

We prayed about our fishing today and we thank God that He provided. And He provided in a big way. Shortly after exiting Norman's Cut we hooked a wahoo on a pink and black jethead. It was a wrestle to get that powerful fish on the boat, secured and bled. As Myron began to butcher it we hooked a female mahi on a black and purple jethead (first female mahi on that color). We landed two fish in less than an hour just north of Norman's Cut. We still fished but were mostly focused on dressing out the two catches. Our fishing drove us all the way north of Highborne and back south to Norman's. We also fished in the rips from the cuts and were constantly cleaning sea grass off the lures. We got a hit back toward Norman's but no hook. Although we were ready to call it a day, it was best to stay out on the sound until the rips in the cuts had ceased. Back down toward Norman's Cay, Myron decided to drift sail in the light winds and bide our time for the change of tide. He was bringing in a lure to check for grass when something hit it and got off. He was still putting away that lure when the reel on the other pole gave notice of a hook. It was a bull mahi on the pink and black jethead. What a day and God made it well worth our two delays of a week each (one in Staniel Cay and one at Norman's Cay.)

We had all the fish dressed and put away, Hold Fast cleaned up (butchering fish on a rolling sea is very messy business), and were anchored at Ship Channel Cay before 2 pm. We are a bit wiped out and I can see it will be an early night, as tomorrow we have visions of sailing the Fleming Channel to either Current Island or Royal Island. One thing seems for sure, we are having fish tonight!

Love to all,

Posted via Ham radio.
{GMST}24|48.617|N|076|49.796|W|Anchored|Ship Channel Cay{GEND}

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