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Monday, May 7, 2012

Lynyard Cay

Our plan was to get rested before today's travel. Inside Royal Island Harbour, it was as if we were in a slip, we barely moved yet still had a nice breeze. We slept very well! We weighed anchor by 6:30 am and were motor-sailing with full main and jib - as we expected to do for the entire day. To our delight, the winds filled in from the southwest. They held for most of the day and then headed us at the last, resulting in a tight reach the last few hours of the run. In all, it was about a 10 hour day. We fished but mostly caught grass, reminiscent of our trip in the other direction almost four months ago. We did catch an amber jack, but Myron felt it was too small and released it.
We have not had internet since we were at Black Point. Nor have we disposed of trash or done laundry since April 17th and the only groceries we have purchased since Black Point was a dozen eggs, four tomatoes and two popsicles (and that meager bag cost over $20). One of the things we really miss are corn tortilla chips. We like to make fresh salsa or ceviche if we have the fish or conch, but we prefer to have it with chips. We tried making some with Maseca, but it just is not the same - and it took HOURS!
According to the weather forecast, we may be best served if we anchor in Marsh Harbour the next couple of days. We are surprised that cold fronts are still making it this far south so late in the year. The positive side is that it is not too hot!
We just finished another fish dinner with Thai noodles, peas, and then chocolate pudding for dessert. I am in some kind of food stupor combined with exhaustion. After a shower, I have no doubt sleep will quickly overtake me.
Love to all,

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