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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Royal Island Harbour

What a blessing to wake up this morning to a full moon still on the horizon as the sun was just making its daily debut. I could not rouse Myron to the sight so I took a few pictures and soaked in the scene as much as possible.

Last night we realized that we picked up another ramora. We suspect he joined us as we worked through the Highborne Cut when Myron was cleaning our last catch of the day. During our fish dinner, I heard a splash next to the boat and figured we had some kind of visitor. When dinner was over, I tossed the fish skin and bones overboard and out came the ramora to snatch up the scraps like a pet dog. I figure the early splashes were likely impatience at our delay of giving him dinner!

Today we took a new route: the Fleming Channel. It was dreamy calm and not nearly the volume of coral heads to avoid as the Current Cut route. We gave up counting star fish. I saw one that had six legs instead of five. We tried to spot conch as we cruised along but they were all too small for the taking. We again succumbed to the temptation to drop anchor on our route and take a swim around a coral head. The current was running but not too strong. When Myron jumped in he saw our ramora was still with us. He was not aggressive at all, rather shy enough to hide on the other side of the boat as we swam toward him. We only indulged ourselves in a 20 minute swim as we wanted the benefit of the ebb tide through the Fleming Channel.

Once through the channel, Myron dropped a line overboard and was horrified to see that our ramora went after it. Thankfully, he was smart enough not to take it. How horrible to hook our pet. He did, however, appear not to make it back to the boat as we sped away.

We are anchored inside Royal Island Harbor. Myron will work out weather and routing for Little Harbor, Abacos after we post this blog.

Love to all,

Posted via Ham radio.
{GMST}25|30.939|N|076|50.617|W|Anchored|Royal Harbour{GEND}

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