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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Highborne Cay

After our fishing yesterday, we returned to Norman's and anchored on the inside. A squall was approaching and we were not sure when the northeast winds would arrive. The same boats as the previous two nights were still anchored in there and more had arrived and were coming. We decided it was too crowded by dissimilar boats for 20 knots of wind and opposing current so we went to the westside of Norman's. The holding there is great, we found a spot all to ourselves and went for a swim. During the course of the evening, however, the winds picked up but did not get very far east of north. It was still safe but not as comfortable as we had hoped. As a result, we repositioned this morning to Highborne Cay. In all our travels of this area, we have never stayed at this anchorage. It appears to be much more comfortable in a northeast wind and we should get good rest tonight. We are looking for a weather window to sail to the north of Eleuthra and then the Abacos. We wish we had our southeast winds back!

Must go now and cook up some fish for dinner - thank you Lord!

Love to all,

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