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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Norman's Cay - Inside

It was really hard to leave Black Point. We made new friends, old friends having sailed south or back to the states or who knows where. We also encountered such a pleasant surprise when we were chatting with other cruisers while they ate at DeShamon's (our dining out budget was already spent for the week) when in walks Don, the owner of a sailboat two slips down from us at Ortega Yacht Club and Marina in Jacksonville. I recognized him quickly, but it was not mutual. So I stepped outside and caught David and Jackie's attention. Beth was with them and they all joined us at a table at the restaurant. It was great to spend time with them and catch up on their travels. They were frantically short of gas for their dinghy and no one had any supplies for miles. They bought a few gallons off of us and were on their way again. Hopefully we will see them during our short stay in Jacksonville.
On Sunday we attended church with Ida and the Adderlys. Mr. Musgrove, the 7th/8th grade teacher at the local school, gave us a ride back to our dinghy. During the course of the ride, we were recruited to help with math for the 8th graders on Monday. We were told to be there at 10:45 am and thought we would just be helping kids individually. When we arrived, however, Mr. Musgrove turned the entire class lesson over to Myron. We had to clean the cobwebs out and remember algebra, angles, volumes and all, but ultimately we demonstrated that we are smarter than an 8th grader. It turned out to be good fun and we were invited back the next day, at 9:15 am. On Tuesday we finished at 3 pm and we were spent. We were instructed by Mr. Musgrove and the principle, Ms. Young, to return at 1 pm on Wednesday. When we arrived, the school was closed. It was something we surmised would happen. An airplane had been in and out several times that morning. Turns out almost the entire settlement was flown to Nassau for the funeral services of the settlement's 46 year old Chief of Police, who was also the pastor of Mission Bible Church. We stayed around town until they returned on Saturday so we could say our goodbyes. This settlement is one of the recipients of the donations we bring. They are special to us and we already look forward to returning next year.
Now we are anchored on the inside of Norman's Cay, with a view of the cut and a couple days of weather window for fishing. I pray the Lord provides as there is little meat left in the refrigerator!
Love to all,

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