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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hatchet Bay to Royal Island Harbor

Wow it can be hard to leave a community when you get to be part of the daily routine. We finished our tutoring during the kids' Easter vacation. We expected just a couple of kids to show, but we had 11. Great they all came, but a little more difficult to manage. Three hours each day with a break in the middle. We would come home and take a nap after lunch. Experiences like that raise my impression of teachers a notch!

We had a great Easter celebration at the local church and I already miss them! After our evening walks, we would sit on Mr. Ferguson's porch and chat with him and some other locals. Yes, we were very comfortable there. But it is time to head north.

Today's journey was uneventful, other than I noticed familiar boat names on AIS that were heading a similar direction as us. It was 'Creola' and 'Joie de Vivre,' two Whitby42s that we met up with when we were in Jacksonville. We have certainly seen a great representation of Whitby42s in the Bahamas this year! Glad to see them out and about.

The cut at Current was not an issue. Myron said it was easier going through from the east because it is more obvious where to turn into the cut, as opposed to where to turn out of the cut. We were about an hour before slack tide, so we got a push from tidal current going through the cut.

Tomorrow we plan to head across to the Abacos. I doubt we will be alone. There are nine other boats in this anchorage now, including the two Whitbys. Maybe everyone else will not leave at '0-dark thirty' and we can get on the fishing before the others. We pray the Lord will provide. Besides Jay said we should not show up if we do not have fish. Hmmm, no pressure there. We will have to bring him a barracuda if that is the best we can do.

On a different point, I need to correct a previous post: It was on Iron Man 3, not 2, that I first heard mention of Downtown Abbey. Not that anyone cares, I just hate misinformation.

Love to all,

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