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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hog Cay to Buena Vista, Jumentos

Today was just a short trip to Buena Vista - I have been asking to come here since we always seem to sail past it going north or south. We are here now but the winds are not as southeast as we had hoped, which makes for a slight roll in here. We will only have to tolerate it just one night, and I will get to see this long beach up personal.

Myron and I got a bunch of conch the other day, large ones. It took hours to clean them. I quit at 8:30 pm and figured we could crack it (pound it out) the next day. It took about an hour to pound it out, plus a lot of clean up time, including me. I had conch bits all over my side and shorts, and all over the side of the cockpit. Well worth it though. We made Thai curry conch for last night's potluck on the beach. We had to take a long, rough and tumble dinghy ride into Duncan Town in 20 knots of wind to get the other ingredients for the dish. The only store owner, Maxine, was by Hold Fast, fishing, so we asked her when we should go to town (and if she had plantains) and she said she did and to go now, someone would help. When we made it to the store, I had to walk around to the house and find her husband, who had no idea what to charge us for bananas or ice cream, so we mutually came up with some prices. I tried to be more than fair, the last thing I want to do is cheat them. I left him our card and told him to have Maxine call us if we owned money. There was only one onion in the whole store, a necessary ingredient for the dish, so I took it! I think everyone liked the dish because there was nothing left. Everyone brought great food, it was one of the best beach pot luck outings I have ever attended.

We just finished lunch at our new anchorage, and I want to go explore before we have to put the dinghy away and prepare for a long sail tomorrow. I can rest later. We will not have internet until Saturday, assuming it is up and running in Black Point.

Love to all,

Posted via Ham Radio.

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