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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Rock Sound to Hatchet Bay

After one night, we moved from the southern end of Rock Sound to just off the town and stayed there for the frontal passage. By this morning, we had almost a perfect 270 degree arc on our chart plotter, evidence that our anchor held as we turned throughout the blow. It is good holding off the town, not so much around the rest of Rock Sound. Of the 23 boats in Rock Sound, only six of us stayed on the town side. The other boats moved over to the west side during the SW, W and NW blow, then to the town side for the N blow, but weighing 30,000 pounds has its advantages. We put on the super heavy snubber and just "sucked it up, buttercup," as Barb would say, and rode out the blow off the town next to another Whitby42, 'Anneteak.' We offered Brad and Anne on Anneteak some wahoo steaks after we anchored, but they waited until the weather was not so snarky before they came over in their dinghy to claim their prize. I am sure their huge cat Charlie (kitty of the sea) was just as glad as them to have fish on board.

During the couple days of snarky weather, we covered almost a whole season of 'Downton Abbey.' We have become terribly addicted to this series about these English aristocrats in the 1900's, with rarely an opportunity missed to gouge your heart by some tragedy. I remember first hearing about this series on, of all things, Iron Man 2, and had been curious about it ever since. Vic on Salty Turtle set Myron up with four seasons. Myron said he is going to kick Vic's tail for getting us addicted. That being said, when the sun goes down, we will watch another show and I am sure I will cry again.

We waited around Rock sound for the winds to go more east and today's forecast gave us the go ahead to sail up the island to Governor's Harbor. However, as we sailed out of Rock Sound, the winds proved to be north of east. Furthermore, the front that had passed over us days before is now back tracking. We had rain squalls chasing us from the south and we decided we would just head straight to Hatchet Bay and at some point just hitchhike back to Governor's Harbor.

We will have to see tomorrow what volunteer work is available for us at Alice Town (Hatchet Bay) and that will likely guide the duration of our stay. We had hoped to get on the same mooring we had last time, but were glad to find anything open. We are now on the other side of the Bay.

I am finding all kinds of ways to cook wahoo. One of the ladies in Rock Sound gave us some of her home mixed spices for marinade. I will give that a try soon.

Love to all,

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