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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Cumberland Island - Yay!

Not bad for a two day trip, the first day always being better than the second - weather wise.  Our only real tangle with traffic was with freighters around the Charleston sea buoy and shrimpers at St. Mary’s inlet.  Both sunsets were breathtaking.  I was blessed to have a single dolphin come ride the bow wave.  I went up to watch him and could hear him communicating.  Within a few minutes, there were two, then three and finally six were bumping each other for position on the bow wake, alternately leaping out of the water in front of Hold Fast.  Strapped in, I sat on the bow and enjoyed the show for over 15 minutes.  They must have come across fish because in a moment, they were all gone.  During the second night, I saw some come along side the boat.  I remained in the cockpit, knowing our lack of speed would not hold their attention for long.

We slowed Hold Fast down and tried to keep her under six knots to allow an arrival at the anchorage at sunrise.  Sometimes when things work for you, they kind of work against you.  When we got into the St. Mary’s entrance, the tide was running in.  Myron kept bringing back the throttle, but we were speeding along at seven knots.  Finally we got out of the main tidal current, pulled the throttle back and slowed to less than three knots waiting for sunlight.  We dropped anchor just before 6:30 am and went to bed.

It is such a pleasure to be back at Cumberland Island, one of our favorite destinations.  Yay!  The weather is perfect for a stay here.  Even so, we plan on moving along to Sister’s Creek tomorrow and then an early (6:15 am) departure from there on Friday to make the FEC RR Bridge opening between 9 and 10 am.  Oy - that bridge!  It can be such a problem.  I will forget all about it once we get to pizza with the gang Friday night.

Those are days to come.  Right now it is time to enjoy some coffee, launch the dinghy, take a walk on the island and see if we can spy some ponies.

Love to all,

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