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Friday, November 7, 2014


When I woke up this morning I started to panic.  It was light outside.  I thought the sun was up and we were late.  Not so.  The moon was so bright, we could see without headlights and untie the lines, jump aboard and get moving only two minutes after 6 am.  I called the Main Street Bridge at 7 am to reserve a 9 am opening.  Ernest was very nice and took down our boat name, closing with 'see you at 9.'  I felt confident.

We rode the tide in with the boat barely in gear and were at the Main Street Bridge with more than 15 minutes to spare.  The FEC RR Bridge opened for some motor vessels and then called the Main Street Bridge and asked if the sailboats waiting (that would be us) were planning to also come through the FEC.  When Main Street responded in the affirmative, FEC asked when he was going to open the Main Street.  Suddenly we had an earlier than expected opening of the Main Street and were soon through the open FEC.  Life was good.

At OYCM, we were met at the dock by Fred, John, Paul and Shari to catch lines and welcome us home.  We have already run errands, had Mexican food in Green Cove Springs, and a night out at Moon River Pizza where our crowd increased with Ernesto, Natalya and the kids, Camila and Matias, plus Ernesto's mom and dad.  You just cannot beat that with a stick for a first day back.

We hope to have all our projects, errands and visits complete by the next FEC Bridge opening on November 22.  I doubt I will catch up the blog until then, except for pictures.

Love to all,

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