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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sister's Creek Free Dock

Wednesday was a perfect weather day (and night) at Cumberland Island.  A rare event for us in the fall.  We took a walk for more than two hours.  We were amazed at all the horseshoe crab shells on the beach.  Indeed we found some ponies.  They were so unafraid of us, we had to wait for them to walk across the trail in front of us and we even backed up so they did not step on our feet.  For the first time, we saw armadillos and turkeys and found a cemetery we had not come across previously.  Always fun to add new sightings to our island hikes. 

Today’s trip to Sister’s Creek Free Dock was uneventful until the end when Paul and Shari surprised us in Gretel, their little fast boat.  They were trying to get to the Fort George cut off so they could sneak up on us from behind.  But we left Cumberland Island earlier than they calculated and we met them after we had passed the Fort George intersection.  They raced back to the free dock and were there to help us dock Hold Fast in a rather strong current.  We wanted to be bow out for an easy exit tomorrow morning.  That meant a down-current landing.  Only one big bump and she was in.  They brought lunch and we got to visit for several hours, which seemed like minutes.   Shari said it was like we never left.  They are easy to be around and I was so glad to see them – it made the time at the dock fly by.  But they had to leave and make the about 20 mile trip back to OYCM. 

We hope to be at OYCM tomorrow morning.  Dockmaster Paul told us our old slip is waiting for us.  Our goal is to time the 9 am opening of the FEC (Florida East Coast) RR Bridge.  I found out today from Mr. Brown, the Dockmaster for this free dock, the FEC is the oldest bridge on the St. John’s River.  It shows.  Separately, due to ongoing repairs, we must make a reservation two hours in advance with the Main Street Bridge, which is just before the FEC Bridge.  In my mind that meant I could call tonight and make a reservation for a 9 am opening.  “No” said the woman on the phone, “you must call at 7 am if I want a 9 am opening, two hours in advance.”  “Thank you” I said in my best southern accent, because I could tell there was no arguing with this woman and her tone indicated that I was the idiot.

Again, our goal tomorrow is OYCM.  The success of that objective is not entirely within our control.  If we make it, we will become immediately consumed in catching up with our friends on the docks and running a few errands.  I will do my best to get a post out and remove any suspense!

Love to all,

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