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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Underway Again - St. Augustine

So much to do, so little time.  Even so, we managed to visit with a lot of friends in Jacksonville.  Shari, Fred and Paulette were gracious enough to run us around for our errands, Myron for parts and such, me for provisioning.  One shipment was late, and that pushed us beyond a two week stay.  Since we would be in Jacksonville through Tuesday for the delivery, why not stay through Thanksgiving?  I was not sure how to pull off our usual Thanksgiving dinner at OYCM because there is no longer a Captain’s Lounge to set up food.  So we broke with tradition and did not smoke a monster turkey.  I chose to cook one onboard.  I think I embarrassed Shari at the grocery store when I pulled out my mini tape measure to ascertain what poundage of turkey would squeeze into my teeny tiny oven.  The winner, weighing in at 12.42 pounds, was just under 7 inches in height from back to breast.   We carted the food to the car and had dinner aboard 'Taia' with Ernesto, Natalia, Matias and Camila.  It was a lovely day.

It is always my goal, and hope, that we have completed enough projects during our stay to make our last day really just for wrap up.  That has yet to happen.  I was busy all day, stopped for our pizza night and a visit with Rich and Paulette (and Lucky Dog), then kept at it until late in the evening, including getting those pictures up to share.  I was sleeping light so a train woke me up at 3 am.  We tried to sleep again, then Myron gave up and got dressed at 4:30 am and me at 5 am.  We left the dock around 6 am, in the dark.  There were no problems with the FEC RR Bridge or the Main Street Bridge, and the tide was pushing us well ahead of schedule at over eight knots.  We suffered only the last few hours of travel today, when the tide turned against us and we were down to five knots or less.  But still, we fueled up at Inlet Marina, back-tracked to the anchorage and were ready for showers by 3:15 pm.  We considered traveling further, possibly anchoring on the other side of Lion’s Bridge, but we are both plenty tired and ready to call it a day.  This is a new stop for us and it positions us to try another new stop tomorrow.  We shall see how it goes and whether or not we get fog in the morning.

I forget how calm it is on the ICW.  It motivated me to make our traditional leftover turkey enchiladas while underway.  They are heating up in the oven now.  I have no doubt, once those calories are consumed, we will fall asleep in place!

Love to all,

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