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Monday, October 12, 2015

In Search of Oyster Stew

We are breaking the cycle somewhat.  Today I woke at 4:30 am.  Not quite there but better than 3 am.

When we arrived at Elizabeth City, the slips were almost empty, giving us the freedom to pick a choice spot.  The folks from the other boats with us at the Visitor’s Center joined us for lunch at Quality Seafood.  Myron’s goal was oyster stew and fried oysters.  I wanted fried oysters and popcorn shrimp.  We fell short only on the oyster stew.  We will just have to make that a treasure hunt for tomorrow.  We will stay in E.C. another day, not because of the oyster stew – though that is a worthy cause – but because the winds are unfavorable for crossing the Albemarle Sound until Wednesday.  

I was overcome by a need for a nap after lunch.  Waking up was one of those strange times where I had to stop and recollect where we were.  Were we at anchor and did we set the anchor drag alarm?  We were still in Deltaville at the dock?  It took a bit for the fog to clear and for me to work through the events that led to us arriving at E.C. and that I was waking from a nap, not after a night’s sleep.  I guess you can call that a pretty good nap!

We had dinner with Dan and Kathy and caught up on all the boaters we know in common.  The boating community is wonderful in that we may only see some of our friends for one or two days a year yet the friendships stay strong.

Myron has some boat maintenance tomorrow and I have a little more shopping to do to prepare for an offshore run.  Then we will resume in our treasure hunt.

Love to all,

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