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Saturday, February 18, 2017

A Few Miles South

Yesterday we debated continuing south, as far as we could make it before we lost daylight. The fact that we were already anchored weighed in heavy on the decision to stay. However, when the SE wind came in at about 2 am, we wished we had made more southing on the light north winds. It made today not impossible, but a bit more work to get SE down to Big Majors Spot, aka Pigs Beach.

Along the way we saw something new. She had her full main and full jib out, running quietly downwind: A Nordhavn 56 motor sailor. Look it up on Google. It was impressive. I am sure the price tag is as well.

When Myron checked in on the Cruiseheimers Net this morning, Ron on Ursa Minor asked that we check with Staniel Cay Yacht Club whether his part had arrived. Therefore we anchored Hold Fast in an already populated anchorage, launched the dinghy amid significant boat wakes, and took off to go through the Majors, thinking that route would get us less wet in the SE winds. It did and soon enough we were securing the dinghy and checking in with the yacht Club. Alas Ron, not today. We tried.

Not to waste a trip into town, we took a walk and suddenly found ourselves enjoying an ice cream. Oh the little things.

It was an easier ride back. We stopped by Pigs Beach to check on the piglets. We thought maybe they were full, given their lackluster attitude towards food. During our stay at the beach, a policewoman brought a vet to shore. We found out a couple pigs had died and he was there with help to find out why. They want to address it right away. Not only are the pigs an attraction for tourists well to the north and south, but they are also food. We hated to see the pigs in such a state and hope it is solved soon. The vet and crew were there for over two hours.

Speaking of vets, I forgot to mention that on one of my walks around Rock Sound, I ran into some men who were building an animal clinic. They wanted all our boater friends to know that they will soon (no later than next season they hope) have the ability to tend to the boaters' animals. They mentioned dogs, cats, and even had laugh about some boaters that had pet rats on their boat. Actually, before they laughed, they asked if I had rats onboard. Not on purpose, I told them.

Love to all,

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