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Monday, February 13, 2017


We put the dinghy away before dark last night and set out this morning with a few goals in mind: Make water (both saddle tanks were down), empty the holding tank (hey, everybody poops, we just have to deal with it), and go fishing. Notice the goal was not 'catch fish,' failing would be too disappointing. Who am I kidding, it was disappointing anyway that we did not catch any fish today. Not even a bite, and we had all our best presentation out. Ballyhoo and lures embellished with bait. We worked the drop off all the way down the west side of Eleuthera Island and then proceeded toward Little San Salvador Island. And we were not alone.

Myron caught some guys talking on the radio at the end of our efforts and found out everyone got skunked today, except some fortunate boaters that caught a wahoo. Apparently, wahoo is all that is around these waters.

The good side is that we are happily anchored on what feels like the edge of the world. We are all alone, something we kind of needed. Many sailors in the Bahamas would not come here because it is rolly from surge from the Atlantic and surge from the Exuma Sound. It reminds us of the anchorages on the Pacific. The semi-circle beach is beautiful and the water is crystal clear. We took a swim to check the anchor and validate that the dark spots around us did not present a threat to Hold Fast. All is well.

Tomorrow, we change our presentation for wahoo and make water again. Still optimistic for fish!

Love to all,

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