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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Delayed Departure

Our 'plan' was to depart Georgetown by 7:30 am yesterday. Then we found out the forecast called for squalls on our passage, so we begged off. The dinghy had been stowed the night before in anticipation of going. Somehow, neither of us were inspired to go through the launch and stow process again for the day. The joy of it is we caught up on rest, and I almost finished another novel. We did not have a meal until about 3 pm, at which time Myron reviewed the weather again. After the meal, we had a brief discussion of the merits of leaving Georgetown in the daylight or at midnight. We decided the weather looked rather inviting to leave precisely at that moment.

After some goodbyes, up went the anchor, up went the sail, and out Conch Cut we went. We had about a 4+ foot swell from the east, but they were elongated with about an 8 second interval. The winds were from the west, mostly, sometimes south of west, and stayed that way throughout the night. It was a beautiful sunset, fantastic view of the stars on a moonless night, we lost the eastern swell when we got behind Cat Island, and were blessed with a beautiful sunrise. We got to Cape Eleuthera at first light. It was a perfect accident that we arrived on an incoming tide, giving us the opportunity to make water in calm seas. Another 75 gallons in the tanks, thank you very much.

We actually discussed continuing on to Current Cut and then across the Northeast Providence Channel to the Abacos and to MOW Cay. It would be another 36 hours underway. Better heads prevailed. We are anchor down in Rock Sound, about to have breakfast, a shower and a nice nap.

Love to all,

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