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Friday, February 17, 2017


I am sorry. I was remiss not to post on our last location change. We fished back up Eleuthera Island, to no avail, and topped off the water tanks. Back at Rock Sound, we launched the dinghy and went into town to say goodbye to our land based friends and apologize for not bringing home dinner. It distracted me and I forgot to give you all an update.

The next day we had strong south winds. We took the first part of the day to enjoy Poison Point with George, Nancy and their guest on 'Trumpeter,' a 45.5' Bristol. Once the winds turned west enough to give us a wrap of swell, we moved to the west side of Rock Sound, along with the most boats I have seen anchored there. A total of 24 boats that rode out the SW, W and NW winds.

Most of us headed out of there early this morning, everyone going their own way. As you could imagine, we were headed for fishing grounds. And we worked it. But alas, only one hook up, a nice sized bull mahi mahi, lost it and another ballyhoo. No other bites. We have decided the bulk of the fish have not arrived to the Bahamas yet. Maybe hurricane Matthew messed up their timing.

As a result, we are giving up on fishing for now and going to see friends anchored in Georgetown. Maybe. This year everything has been out of sorts and not going as planned. Everyday our plans change. Written in the sand at low tide.

By the way, Norman's is not what it used to be. Remember the lone palm on the little island. Matthew took that away. There is a new house underway on the north side of the cut to the Exuma Sound. Also, someone is actively building something at the southwest end. There are three heavy excavators working on some kind of breakwater right now. Some may call it progress, we find it disappointing. Everything changes.

Love to all,

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