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Monday, November 26, 2012

Addison Point (aka NASA Causeway)

After a very still night, there was an early morning orderly departure of sailboats from Rockhouse Creek, each of us trying to time the twenty minute opening interval of the Coronado Beach Bridge. It was a quiet and non-eventful day, made special in that we saw temperatures in the upper 70's. We had plenty of daylight to continue, but chose to turn east before the NASA Causeway and anchor around 1:20 pm to call it a day. To give you an idea of the change in temperature, we started out this morning at a brisk 47 degrees in two clothing layers over long wool undergarments, with our feet snuggled in wool socks and muck boots. When we anchored this afternoon, the temperature was in the upper 70's and we were in t-shirts and walking barefoot on the deck. A welcome change.

Sometime after anchoring, we happened to step out on deck just in time to see a six foot or larger gator swim past Hold Fast toward the nearby island. In our excitement to see the gator, one of our solar lights got booted into the water which is when Myron spotted the jellyfish. The water here was never really inviting, but now it is particularly off limits.

This is a new anchorage for us, something we were looking forward to testing out. There is no wifi here, but there is cell phone coverage. We can hear the road traffic rather than surf. The guide says this is a good spot to watch a shuttle launch, but we will not hang out long enough for one to be scheduled - if they ever will again be scheduled. To this point it has been an expectedly pleasant stay and looks promising to protect us for tonight's forecasted southeast winds.

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