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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Serenity Island (Malamar)

The southeast winds started to puff yesterday afternoon, but soon gave up and disappeared.  Before sunset, we were visited by several manatees, a couple dolphins and hundreds of small ducks.   I thought I saw smoke in the distance but the binoculars revealed a moving mass of fowl looking to roost for the night.  They gave us a wide berth.  Not necessarily because of us, rather likely the gator that stayed close to our hull throughout the night.  Myron could see the gator’s bubbles near the boat.

We had to wait for the 8 am opening of the NASA Causeway Bridge.  Still, we were the first ones out on the ICW.  This gave us the opportunity to see the wildlife.   Just past the bridge we saw half a dozen manatees, some dolphins and a very large gator floating near a group of ducks.  I was on the helm, saw a large log floating right in the channel and asked Myron to take a look.  He went up front to guide me around any hazard.  Just as we approached the ‘log’ he watched the gator sink away.  I did not think gators would be out when it was so chilly.  Apparently they have their duck season as well.

We had southeast winds today which slowed us down a little.  Regardless, we are snuggled in behind a little island known in the cruising community as ‘Serenity.’  It used to be that cruisers would meet on the beach, have a fire and let the kids play.  As evening approaches, it is only us and a small Canadian sailboat.  It is much calmer than last year’s stay here.  

We have internet again, so below are more pictures to share.

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Fort Matanzas and Matanzas inlet in background:

Close fly-by from blimp at Rockhouse Creek:

Sunset at Rockhouse Creek, two sailboats rafted together behind us:

View of NASA launch site from our anchorage:

Twilight at NASA Causeway anchorage:

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