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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Rockhouse Creek - Second Time

The light was good when we weighed anchor just after 7 am, but it was downright chilly. I was glad to finish washing the mud off the deck, put the hose away and go inside to warm up my hands. Some dolphins joined us briefly around the inlet, then resumed their hunt. It was another favorable day on the ICW. The wind allowed us to roll out the jib to assist the engine for a few hours. We only had one really obnoxious sport fisher local to Ponce Inlet that came speeding close by us, twice.

We dropped anchor in Rockhouse Creek at 2:15 pm, earlier than expected. This is the same anchorage we managed to locate in the 3 am darkness when we came in Ponce Inlet last year. Today we were the first here and had our pick on a spot. Within one half hour a motor vessel anchored in front of us. In another half hour four sailboats pulled in. They seemed to gather up at the entrance and strategize. Soon enough two of them anchored offset to us and the other two rafted up to the anchored boats. It was impressive.
During all of that, the Goodyear blimp was making performance climb outs from New Smyrna municipal airport. Next was a T-6. We settled in just in time to be entertained! Either way, we are glad to be done for the day and look forward to another quiet evening.

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