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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Vero Beach

Last night the weather forecast changed to include north winds in the wee hours of the morning, earlier than we anticipated.  To ensure a good night’s sleep, we picked up anchor and moved off the island several hundred feet and went to bed.  This morning the winds were out of the north and we were just fine.  It is very good holding there.  

Today was a short day and easy going with the wind at our backs.  We arrived at Vero Beach City Marina, got diesel, gas and water and were on the mooring before noon.  The wind started piping up and we are glad to be all set.  The dockmaster said he had 20 boats arriving today and we were at the head of the herd.  As we walked up the dock to pay our bill, we saw Brian coming toward us.  Brian has a Bristol on C dock back at OYCM.  He and his wife drove down to meet their friends.  We were tickled to find out that their friends were on the four sailboats that anchored/rafted next to us in Rockhouse Creek a few nights ago.  Cruising is a small community!

Here is a picture of the crowded north portion of the mooring field:
The weatherman says we will have strong north winds for the next several days.  This is a good staging area for us to cross over to the Bahamas, so we will wait here as long as we can stand it.  Last year we had less than 24 hours in Vero Beach, and we found it pleasant.  This year seems to promise a more relaxed stay.  We paid for three nights, but weather may stretch that out.

We waited until about 4 pm, after the incoming rush of boats settled down.  Many of the moorings were doubled and tripled up.  We were still all alone on ours, feeling like a step child.  We succumbed to the craving to go for a walk and hiked out to the beach to see the surf.  Upon our return we saw ‘Moma Cal’ had rafted on our port, with captain Doug Patterson from Ottowa on board.  We are always curious to see who the Lord will raft up with us!

Love to all,

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Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

We were snooping the internet when we found your site this weekend. It's only a half year later, but we want to let you know we made it across the Gulf Stream with no trouble from Alberto last May. (Thanks for your thoughts and good wishes.)

The trip up the coast back to Maine was uneventful last summer. Now the boat is in the yard up on stands, covered with a thin layer of sleet.

Send us an email so we can stay in touch!

Ellen & Jonathan
s/v Cupcake

HOLD FAST said...

Hey Ellen and Jonathan,

So glad you two are home safe, but sorry about seeing sleet on Cupcake. We do not have your email address, please leave it for us in a comment and we promise not to publish it.