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Friday, November 23, 2012

On The Move

The months of August through November were dedicated to giving some serious 'spa time' to Hold Fast. To name a few of the larger projects, she got new chain plates, a new windlass, new auto pilot drive, new fuel lift pump, new engine heat exchange, new transmission heat exchange, new shower pumpout, an impeller change and the timely various oil changes. During the haul out at Green Cove Springs, she got a number of new and very expensive hoses and a new through hull. For her pedicure of all pedicures, we had her bottom sanded down to the gelcoat and then we applied an epoxy and copper bottom job that should last more than five years. A friend of ours did the same thing and his is nearing 10 years. Hold Fast's bottom was as shiny as a new penny. She was the talk of the boatyard! We also wanted to change our insurance, so she got a marine survey as well. Some of the projects did not get done and will sail off with us, such as the shade sewing project.
Whew! It is a good thing we run out of time, otherwise we would run out of money.
As our stay at OYCM was coming to an end, it meant it was time to prepare the Thanksgiving turkey for our marina friends. We really enjoy smoking the turkey, even though it makes for an early morning. We get to catch up with everyone around the smoker and anticipate some good eats. This year was no disappointment. Everyone came through with good food and the turkey was the best we have ever had. As we cleaned up the leftovers, I realized that I was getting an unexpected benefit - prepared food for several daily trips!
As always, leaving the slip this morning was with mixed emotions. We had the help of many hands and lots of hugs and waves goodbye. We kept today down to a reasonable distance. We knew we would be tired. As I made turkey sandwiches for us today, I assumed all the local boaters I saw had lunches packed with turkey sandwiches as well. We are tucked away next to Pine Island, along with four other boats - so far - more may also join in. Myron is going to build a fire and I am going to heat up some Thanksgiving leftovers!
We hope God brought to your mind some of the precious things to be thankful for.
Love to all,

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