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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fish Cay

The people of Acklins have been really great and we created fond memories of time spent there with 'Straight From the Heart' and 'Dream Catcher.' I feel compelled to mention though that this time of year, with cold fronts passing through every three to four days - and some cold fronts regressing back over us - it has been hard to find anchorages with protection for a vessel with a draft of five foot or more. During northerly blows we paid our dues at anchor, hanging on to walk around inside Hold Fast and pressing her ground tackle into hard service. We also found more marl than we ever want to drop anchor in again.
But...the forecast called for a few days of relative calm (15 knots or under), inspiring us to venture out to Fish Cay on the western edge of the Bight. There are numerous sand banks around us and the beach of soft yellow sand stretches for close to a mile. Yesterday, we wore ourselves out walking the beach, and Myron even helped me comb for treasures. Tracks of small iguanas covered the beach, they must be shy because we never saw one. In the dinghy, we searched for food but found no conch. I thought our previous anchorages were remote, this is incredible. The view demands my attention and I spend long periods staring in stunned silence at the beauty of God's creation. I wish my pictures could do it justice.
A shocking discovery was that our data card showed a solid blue light, indicating we could get 3G service. Granted, it comes and goes, but how fantastic is that?! It really helps us stay on top of the weather forecast. If the forecast holds, we have today and tomorrow to continue our exploring. We will let you know otherwise. For now I must go and gaze at the scenery again.
Love to all,

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