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Friday, February 8, 2013

Hog Cay Cut

We left Fish Cay, Acklins, yesterday morning around 7 am. Once we rounded Windsor Point, the southern end of Long Cay in the Crooked/Acklins island chain, we set the main to port and poled out the jib to starboard. It stayed in that configuration until well after dark, when we were a few miles on the bank past Nuevitas Rocks, then we removed the pole and put the jib to port. We kept going because the winds were favorable and we did not expect such favorable winds to continue. We dropped anchor a little distance from the Hog Cay Cut waypoint at around 10:30 pm, showered and slept. Today should be a leisurely trip into Thompson Bay on the Comer Channel. A water making day.

I am also casting my vote to make it a nap day as well.

Yesterday God blessed us with a wahoo. We are having fish today!

Love to all,

Posted via Ham Radio.

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