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Friday, February 8, 2013

Thompson Bay, Long Island

We are tucked in close to shore in Thompson Bay, aka Salt Pond, Long Island, in preparation for the forecasted frontal passage that will give us about four days of strong winds. Tonight is the calm before the storm, without a breath of wind. The anchor lights of the 20 or so other boats in the anchorage are mirrored in the water. It is a rare sight.

We need to take care of some administrative items in the U.S. and selected this bay to use as a base camp until those items are resolved. So far we have good data coverage. As you can see from the map, we are protected from all directions except south and west. There are a few little cays to hide behind in the event of those winds. If we move we will let you know.

We made over 150 gallons of water today and still managed to fit in some sailing. 'Shari sailing' on the banks in seriously light winds, making only about 4 knots under a sunny sky surrounded by bright turquoise water. A much different day than yesterday. Our late lunch consisted of fresh grilled fish with a side of red beans and rice. Then the ballots were cast and counted and it was unanimously decided that today was a nap day. We were still sailing last night 1 1/2 hours past the 'cruiser midnight' (9 pm) and I felt low on sleep.

Tomorrow we plan to launch the dinghy, get to a little store for a few items, and maybe even hunt down an ice cream. The fish is taken care of for the next few days, thank you Lord!

Love to all,

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