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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sand Dollar Beach

Last night Myron cooked plantains for the first time. He cut them in thick slices, fried them in butter with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and brown sugar sprinkled on top. They were seriously yummy, I am sure calorie free, and just like we get at the restaurants. We want more, but it requires patience to let the plantains get to just the right ripe, which is black on the outside and soft to the touch. We have two in the queue, almost there!

Today it rained for about 80% of our fishing trip. The boat and sails had a nice fresh water rinsing. We fished out deep then returned to the drop offs and fished them all the way back to Great Exuma, but no joy on catching. We put the lures away and motor sailed into the southern cut and up Elizabeth Harbor to Sand Dollar Beach.

Our plans, which are written in sand at low tide, did not include being in Georgetown during the Cruiser's Regatta, but here we are. We often find God has plans for us we do not know about yet. The boats are really packed in here. We have Nordhaven's on either side of us, assorted power boats and all makes and models of sailboats. The regatta begins tomorrow and ends March 3rd. As I recall from last year, more than 100 boats will leave after the regatta.

We launched the dinghy and took a nice walk on the eastern shore. Myron found our first 'Hamburger Bean' on our walk. That is one of the beans that makes its way out of Central America and over to these eastern shores. It really does look like a hamburger.

We will probably stay in the Georgetown area for a couple of weeks. At least until we get more plantains!

Love to all,

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Benner Family said...

Tyler had plantains at the Ojameruaye home a few years ago. Let's just say they're not a favorite...yet :)