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Friday, August 9, 2013

Cambridge Update

It was a productive week working VBS at Cambridge First Baptist Church.  We filled in wherever needed.  That included teaching 3rd and 4th grade class for two of the five nights, assisting with that same grade the other nights, and teaching missions the last night.  Assistance was needed in 3rd and 4th grade.  The first night we had 5 kids in the class.  The remaining nights the attendance ranged from 16 to 18 kids.  We barely had room to squeeze them all in – praise God!  The mission lesson was an easy one for us to teach:  “Dare to Trust.”  It was about how Paul trusted God even in the frightening experience of 14 days of a storm at sea.  Some of the kids could not believe we lived on a sailboat.  We were glad we brought a video to show the kids – to prove it!  Here is about half the kids signing 'Stand Strong' on the last night:

A few kids were a handful, but mostly they just needed love and attention.  We miss them already!!  While addressing errands around town, we have been pleasantly surprised by running into a few of the kids and their parents.  It makes Cambridge feel like home!

Brad and Sabrina loaned us their car when they left town.  We explored Salisbury, Easton and Oxford.  We used that time to celebrate our anniversary, since we spent our actual anniversary helping the church set up for VBS.  We met a few other transient sailors in the marina and found out we have mutual friends on two boats.  The cruising life is a small world.

The Farmer’s Market on the Long Wharf has been a blessing each Thursday and Saturday. 

We love cooking with fresh vegetables and also purchase picked crab.  I get back fin at $19/pound rather than pay $29/pound for jumbo lump.  So far I have made crab dip, a crab casserole and recently cream of crab soup.  The soup has been a favorite of all.  I used the Old Bay Seasoning recipe – it is super rich, and not for the faint of heart, or those who have heart problems.  I put the recipe on our supplemental website.

When Brad and Sabrina came back from their travels we got a little more time with them.  Besides some scrumptious meals, we also walked down to watch the boat races.

Then we went to Easton to take in a free street concert performed by ‘Mule Train.’  I was dubious that the music would be blue grass.  The weather was perfect, the crowd was outrageously civil, and rather than blue grass, we enjoyed some old favorites like “In the Summertime” by Mungo Jerry. 

We managed to view a Quaker meeting house in Easton, the oldest frame meeting house in the area that is still actively used.

One afternoon we toured with our local church host, Pat and her husband Ron.  They are natives to Cambridge and took us out to Hooper’s Island for lunch and to see a “Bridge to Nowhere.”   On the way back, we stopped by Trinity Church, one of the oldest active churches in the area.

The Amish Market in Easton was on my list and we finally made it.  I wanted to take pictures, but the crowd of shoppers prohibited any good shots.  I will let this link give you an idea of the market.  There were local merchants there as well, but we focused on the Amish goods.  We purchased fresh made melt in your mouth bread, smoked cheddar, honey and spices.  Other than the fresh made items, the goods were brought in from Pennsylvania.  Regardless, I am glad to have it.

Our last night in Cambridge we had dinner with Brad and Sabrina.

It has been quite a treat to take advantage of the things Cambridge and the surrounding areas have to offer.  I am going to miss this place and everyone here.

Love to all,

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