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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Harness Creek - Quiet Waters Park

We spent more time in St. Michael's than we did two years ago - and we are glad we did. It is very rare to break into a conversation with one of the watermen. They just do not seem to have any use for 'cruisers.' But Myron talked engines with one of them and it opened a door. From there, we got some local tips, including trying a proprietary spice mixture for steaming crabs from a local merchant: "Big Al's." Not only does Big Al's Market have all the crab, fish and shrimp spices you need, they also have a fresh seafood market that also serves as a supply inventory for their seafood deli. Plus they smoke their own beef, pork and turkey to put on sandwiches. A meal there will not break the bank. I had a cheeseburger with all the trimmings for $3.95. I made it a meal deal for another $3.00 to add a side and a drink. My side: calamari fries! Those crabbers know the good local spots. For my cruising friends, Big Al's is on Talbot Avenue opposite the entrance to the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum's parking area.
It was a pleasant surprise to see Bob and Joy on Arwyn anchored on San Domingo Creek the day before we left. We spent several hours catching up. So many hours in fact, that we probably ruined their dinner and dog walking plans. It was dark by the time we had the dinghy stowed away for today's travels.
Sailing today was slow, only 5 to 10 knots of wind, mostly out of the north. Slow or fast, we are here, anchored in and ready to take the weekend boater rush just to see some friends we met here two years ago. It has been precious to reunite with some of these folks we met two years back. I hope we meet more!
During the six days at St. Michael's, we had two steamy days and had to run the air conditioner with the generator. Two nights ago that all changed. We have been blessed with night temperatures in the low 60's and highs 80 or below. Myron had long pants on and I wore a fleece while we sailed today! I hope this pleasant weather lasts.
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