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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Shaw Bay - Wye River

Harness Creek was just as beautiful as we remembered. And we remember riding out hurricane Irene there. It is a 2.1 mile walk from the boat rental dock to the park entrance. Needless to say, we got our exercise. Where else do you get to hike six loads of laundry four+ miles through the woods?!? The most difficult was the last grocery run. We tried to intelligently buy a good sized inventory of fresh fruits and it had both our backpacks weighed down. I broke my own rule of only shopping with a basket instead of a cart. It is difficult to judge the weight of the groceries when they are in a cart. The walks were worth it though. We had repeated close encounters with two fawns and finally on our last day, the two shy attending does. The deer here are small and their tails seem oddly long. The pictures will have to follow when we have better internet.
We also got some quality time in with John and Evangeline on their Rinker 31 "Higher Plane." They are interested in and planning to cruise on a motor vessel. I hope we answered all their questions. It was such a wonderful reunion and I pray our paths cross again.
After John and Evangeline left, we were mostly alone in the anchorage for a few days until Bob and Joy on Arwyn, a Bristol Bristol 29.9 met up with us again. They shared their strawberry dessert and we shared stories.
We parted ways with them today, heading out into the bay about noon to ride the tide over to Wye River. The winds were light again and in route another project for the boatyard presented itself to us. There is always, always work to do and things to fix. If you have a boat and there is nothing to work on, you are living in denial.
We are all alone now, but happy to be back in Shaw Bay.
Love to all,

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