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Sunday, September 8, 2013

LaTrappe Creek - Mid Anchorage

We already miss our friends in Cambridge! Our stay on The Wall was good and led to us meeting new people. An extra bonus to The Wall was that our local friends, Pat and Ron (who requires a walker), could easily stop by in their car for a visit. We would do The Wall again, but we want to share two downsides: (1) the people driving their boats away from the nearby bar at midnight - clearly under the influence - and, (2) the cement overhang on The Wall allowed Hold Fast's rail to slip under it at low tide in an east wind. It was something we kept an eye on and were quite thankful that there was very little wind during our stay and any wind with velocity had a westerly component, pushing us away from The Wall.
Saturday Ron and Pat drove us around the area and we stopped to eat at the 'Suicide Bridge Restaurant,' next to its namesake bridge. Today we were lovingly welcomed back in the services at First Baptist of Cambridge. After church, Sabrina and Brad generously fed us lunch and we got to play with their cat Nermal. Then it was back to prepare Hold Fast for repositioning at LaTrappe Creek. This is the first time we have anchored in the second anchorage. The first anchorage was overly stuffed with Sunday boaters.
We hope we are well positioned to sail on northeast winds to Solomons Island tomorrow.
Love to all,

Posted via Ham Radio.

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