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Friday, September 13, 2013

Mill Creek off Wicomico River

Another correct forecast - yay! We finally had a great downwind sail in 15+ knots, maybe a few 20's. It was perfect other than a re-route by a Navy range boat due to the target range going live. They pushed us west into the mouth of the Potomac River. It is the area where the river and Bay's tidal currents get together and make big sloppy. We were less than two hours in the big sloppy and happy to depart it when rounding Smith Point Light to head toward Wicomico River. The west-northwest wind graced us with a good dose wafting off the Reedville menhaden plant. Words fall short of an effective description. Suffice to say it invokes a gag response.
Continuing south, we made our way into a nice anchorage on Mill Creek. I know. Everywhere we turn, there is a Mill Creek. We cannot help it if they correspond with nice anchorages!
Crossing the Potomac means we are back in Virginia. Soon enough we will be back in Deltaville. We have no internet and no phone service. I had forgotten about the lack of connectivity we experience in this state. We thank God for the HAM radio!
Love to all,

Posted via Ham Radio.

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