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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ward's Dock - Deltaville

It was a pleasant and well protected stay in Mill Creek.  We had no idea it was such a popular anchorage!  There are no facilities and no place to land to our knowledge, but there were 15 other boats anchored with us over the weekend.  It did not detract from the beauty and there seemed to be plenty of room for us all.  

We left there hoping for westerly winds on Monday, however the southerly component to the winds made for rather tight sailing on the wind with a bit of seas at that.  Hard on the wind is not my favorite way to travel.  Today I will finish cleaning up the mess from the trip, including vacuuming the potted soil chucked out by the basil/cilantro.  Who says potted plants do not get seasick?

We have already visited with the Ward’s, met their other boater friends on the Ward’s big dock, reacquainted ourselves with Deltaville, ordered our bottom paint at West Marine and re-stocked our fresh fruits and veggies inventory.  We will get as much visiting in with the Ward’s as possible and still try to prepare for our haul out on Friday morning.  

Very soon we will be living on the boat on the hard in a boat yard – one of the more difficult aspects of living on a boat.  On Saturday, however, the yard/marina is treating their current customers to a crab dinner.  We bring a side dish and they supply the crab.  Sounds like a great deal to me – and perfect timing on the haul out!

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