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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

LaTrappe Creek

We managed to run into Bob and Joy at St. Michael's. It was a short visit as they were on their way to the Wye River. They scored us some passes to the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum - on the day before a boat auction to boot! I must admit I saw a boat I would consider bidding on if we lived on land: Sutherland Trout Boat (14 foot tanbark sailrig, handcrafted by Danny Sutherland). Oh for the space and money to indulge in such dreams - just as well we have neither. We were at the museum for at least four hours. We saw the exhibit with tug boats, including a story about and pictures of the Ward's. Hey, we know famous people!! I have already talked to Jean and reminded her that we knew her before she became famous!
San Domingo Creek at St. Michael's over Labor Day weekend was the busiest we have ever seen it. Maybe 20+ boats? Everyone seemed to get along just fine and we met new people - folks I hope we encounter again going south.
During our stay at St. Michael's we had two rather warm nights - it kept me restless until 2 a.m. I do believe that is all behind us now. It was almost too chilly in a t-shirt and shorts motor sailing up the Choptank River. We made about 70 gallons of water during today's short trip and we should have enough water to make Deltaville.
Both Myron and I are ready to begin working south. We have boatyard work on our mind and would like to get that over and done. *SIGH* Soon enough. In the meantime, we hope to find room on the wall in the harbor at Cambridge tomorrow and reunite with old and new friends. Tonight we staged at LaTrappe and asked Brad to check the wall. LaTrappe is as beautiful and convenient as we remember it two years ago.
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