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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mill Creek off Patuxent River

Wouldn’t you know it?  The latest forecast was correct.  Our highs are in the 90’s plus a whole lot of humidity.  I think you can see the air, maybe even cut it.  This too shall pass in just a few days as the forecast calls for chilly 50’s once the wind comes from the north.  Apparently lots of wind – so they say.

We had company out here last night and met some folks from Texas on ‘Brisa,’ a Caliber 33;  They left today and we do not expect anyone else to be silly enough to be at anchor tonight.  Today’s reward for our heat endurance was lunch at Clarke’s Landing.  Now that the heat has cranked up for the afternoon, we will entertain ourselves indoors with a movie.

The forced rest is welcome, we will be plenty busy when we haul out.  Hold Fast is so fouled that she has her own eco-system going.  Ducks clean on her sides, we can see the fish cleaning lower down, and today we saw a crab attached just below the surface.  Poor girl.  We look forward to making her right again!

Love to all,

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