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Monday, January 13, 2014

Cocoa to Malabar (Serenity Island)

We had a nice, quiet night.  That did not stop Myron from getting up at 4 am though.  So we were both up at 5 am with a short 24 mile trip in front of us.  We had coffee, milled around and finally picked up anchor around 9 am.  Unfortunately, the winds were back on our nose and it was slow going, at least compared to yesterday.

We have anchored behind this spoil island before.  So far, we are the only ones here.  We expect winds to shift from SE to SW sometime tonight.  Either way, we have less than a mile fetch here and are not too worried about it.  We are far enough off the island and cannot swing into the shallows if a stray thunderstorm comes our way.

If all goes well, we will be in Vero Beach tomorrow.  If all keeps going well, it will only be for a short stay, then we will position for a crossing.  Will keep you posted.

A few hours after we were anchored, a Passport 47 anchored behind us.  We usually look out to make sure we think there is adequate space, but there was loud discussion on that deck so Myron ducked back inside.  A few minutes later I thought I heard yelling.  I thought it was either Myron's computer game or the crew on the boat behind us was going at it.  Finally we went out to take a look and it was the folks on the island yelling for help as their pontoon boat had drifted off the island, stranding them.  Myron fired up Hold Fast, powered her and the anchor chain over near the boat and I snagged it with a boat hook.  "Look honey, we got a new dinghy!"  I said.  Myron climbed aboard, started it up and drove it back to them.  A nice and extremely thankful couple from Nova Scotia.  Never a dull moment at Serenity...

Love to all,

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