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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Velcro to Jensen Beach

We have been on and off about our weather window for tomorrow since we got here.  Yesterday we were notified that some of our notarized paperwork was not accepted.  Seemed like we might stay a few more days.  When Myron checked the weather this morning, we were on again for a Friday crossing.  How in the world we were going to pull off getting new paperwork, getting it notarized and off to Arizona, slip the mooring and get 26 miles down the ICW before sunset?  It looked impossible to us and Myron was not pleased.  However, with God nothing is impossible.  The marina did not mind if we stayed a little later, the paperwork showed up by 12:30 pm, with a return FedEx envelope, the notary showed up just before 1 pm and it was all signed and sealed just after 1 pm.  The notary, Steve, a super nice guy, offered to take us to PakMail to drop off the FedEx package, which saved us additional time.  We walked back, drove the dinghy back to the boat, loaded it up and slipped the mooring by 1:30 pm.  We had the wind with us and the tidal current most of the way.  We dropped anchor just after 5:30 pm and shortly after the sun was down!  We never even needed navigation lights!  God is good!

So how do you find a notary in a hurry?  I had no idea, I just typed ‘find a notary’ in Google and got a ‘Notary Rotary.’  I found the closest notary possible and sent him an email to see if he could drive to the marina.  I am so glad we met him.  He was a blessing.  After he finished with us, he was off to do his Treasurer’s work at his church.  What can I say?

It will be an early morning, so it needs to be an early night.  We have prepped Hold Fast for offshore (stowing so heeling over will not make a catastrophe, jack lines, tethers, etc.), next is a shower and dinner.  If we indeed go, we will give you position reports along the way.

Love to all,

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