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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Serenity Island to Velcro

I am glad it was a short travel day.  Myron is fighting a cold and needs rest.  Once we fueled up at Vero, we rafted up to a moored boat.  No one was home, leaving Myron and me to do the job.  We managed and straightaway got the dinghy going.  Myron took me to shore and I hopped a free bus to the Publix grocery store.  After I returned and assured our credit card company that we were indeed in Vero, we visited with other Whitby owners (five other Whitbys moored in Vero now) and decided to have another Whitby social gathering tomorrow night.  They preferred Thursday because another Whitby will arrive that day, but that is the day we leave to position for a crossing.  Apparently the group is not adverse to another gathering after we leave!

I rented a movie to watch after dinner, then I imagine we will both crash.  Hopefully the weather is cooperative in giving us a good day to view the beach tomorrow.  We can walk or ride the bus to view the sea condition for ourselves. 

It is called Vero Beach, but we call it Velcro because it is a neat place and easy to get stuck here.

Love to all,

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