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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Rockhouse Creek to Cocoa (south anchorage)

There was an abundance of lightening, thunder, rain and wind last night.  The thunderstorms were just for an hour or so, which left us with wind.  We were pretty snug in our anchorage and managed to sleep most of the night.

The winds began to increase out of the north this morning as we left.  We were soon able to try out the new spinnaker pole rail.  All I can say is it is much more civilized!  Even I can go up on deck and put the pole away by myself.  I did not even care that I had an audience all through the Haulover Canal.  I had a little trouble connecting to the top ring, but I had the lower ring too far down.  It is a welcome improvement to our system.  I love it when a plan comes together.

With all that wind and the jib poled out, we were over seven knots for several hours.  We made it to this anchorage an hour ahead of schedule.  This is our first time here and we like it.  It would be even better if we could get the free downtown wifi.  We would stop here again regardless. 

It is a chilly but sunny 64.  The wind is cool, but the sun is making our cockpit enclosure nice and toasty.  I think it will be 77 here tomorrow.  Gotta love moving south.  Ernesto and gang left Vero today.  As a result, I doubt we will see them again until the Bahamas.

Love to all,

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