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Monday, January 20, 2014

Treasure Cay to Marsh Harbour

Another Yay!  We checked in today at the Jib Room.  Immigration came first, charged us a fee for a Sunday (pretty sure they are not supposed to, but what do you do?) and then gave us 180 days visa.  After I saw the 180 days, I completely got over the Sunday fee.  With the 180 days on our visa, we also got 180 days on our fishing permits.  All up front.  No more changing our plans to accommodate updating permits/visas.  Again, yay!  We are free to roam about the country (for six months anyway).

Now that we are anchored, we put the inverter going and are watching the Patriots/Broncos game.  At least we can get CBS.  Maybe we will even be fortunate enough to get the 49’s/Seahawks game on Fox.  Tomorrow we will walk on land and hopefully find an internet solution via cell phone.

Love to all,

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