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Monday, March 31, 2014

Back at Hog Cay, Jumentos

Man of War Bay afforded good protection from west and northwest winds. We had to pick out sand between the rocks as best as we could. Our strategy was to stay there as long as we could tolerate it until the wind clocked around to more east than north. It was about 4 pm on Wednesday when we picked up anchor, or started to anyway. When the wind clocked overnight, our chain apparently wrapped around a rock. After a couple of different approaches to it we pulled free and headed to the west side of Raccoon Cay. It was fairly uncomfortable there for about six hours with large swells on the beam, but safe. Not for one of our Tervis cups though, on one of the big swell rolls, it tossed itself on the floor and broke into two pieces - pretty sure that is covered under warranty. We knew it would get better in time, so we got off the big boat and went dinghy fishing until almost dark. Myron caught two Nassau groupers, one 17.5 inches and the other 18.5 inches, probably about 5 pounds each. As we were removing the hook from one of the groupers, we could see that he had an octopus leg still in his mouth. He should have stopped while he was ahead!

The anchorage was much more comfortable by 10 pm. We stayed at Raccoon Cay until Friday, when we moved back to Hog Cay in some snarky and squally weather. Our goal was to get better cell coverage to finalize some things back home. With that all complete now, we feel free to move about the Bahamas, cell coverage or not.

That being said, our future plans are weather (and whim) dependent and not worth an attempt to document here. Better to keep you posted after the fact.

Love to all,

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