Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bellhaven to South Lake

That was our first time staying in Bellhaven and we were pleasantly surprised. The pizza and lasagna were great (we had the leftovers tonight). It was not a bad walk into town at all. After more than three days on the boat, we needed a walk. The only disappointing aspect of staying at the free dock was waking up to discover the port side of the boat covered in dead bugs and droppings from blind mosquitoes. Where are those birds when we need them?

The Alligator/Pungo Canal is a bit of a drain, but we got to see several deer and a little one hop around and kick. It was so cute we both got the giggles watching. We took on some fuel at Alligator River Marina and headed over to South Lake. It took dodging crab pots for about 20 minutes to get over here, but we felt it was worth it. Two other boats finally came in behind us. It is cooling off nicely for a good night's sleep.

Our watch times came back up to haunt us today and we both wanted naps during our previous 'off watch!' Tonight will be another early night. Hopefully the Albemarle Sound will behave itself tomorrow and we will get into Elizabeth City before the bad weather arrives. We called Dan and Kathy in E.C., now they are expecting us. I also called Jean in Deltaville and expect to see her and Floyd within a week.

Time for bed!

Love to all,

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