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Friday, May 16, 2014

Bird Identification Challenge!

Hey all.  As promised, here are some pictures of our mystery visitor that joined us in the Gulf Stream, probably 100 miles offshore of Georgia/South Carolina.  It was hungry and thirsty.  Once we gave it water and food, it was on its way.

I have several shots here, to give you different angles and perspective.  Please put in a comment as to what bird you think this is, noting the very narrow beak and the bars on the wings.  I hope I at least get comments from cousin Lyn and also Bama.

Resting on Myron's head.  It liked Myron's hair!

Here it is eating on half of a grape.  The tether it is standing on is one inch wide.

At the helm:

A good close-up, on Myron's finger:

On Myron's glasses.  Such a friendly and demanding bird!

Let me know if you can identify our special visitor!

The other visitor that day was a barn swallow.  I did not get a picture of him inside the cabin because it was nighttime and I would have had to use a flash, which would have disturbed him substantially.

Love to all,


sv paloma said...

AHA. After some research, I believe that may be a blackpoll warbler. :)
"Blackpoll warblers are among our most impressive long-distance migrants, tallying thousands of miles each year between Canada and South America. Their migratory route includes a nearly two-thousand-mile stretch over the Atlantic Ocean, a flight that lasts more than three days. That's a long time to fly without stopping to fuel up or rest!" (Birdwatchersdigest.com)
Kathy Smith
SV Paloma

Fred Acevedo said...

Yellow-throated vireo

Anonymous said...

Myron and Dena,
Welcome home! Our best guess for the ID of you mystery bird is a pine warbler, great photos of its visit. Glad you were able to give a spot to rest offshore.

Robert, Joy and Madison