Thursday, May 22, 2014

Old Point Comfort to Deltaville

Last night was not so restful.  At about 3 am, the SW winds kicked up and brought us a long fetch to bounce on at anchor.  The motor vessel anchored behind us pulled up and left about 4 am.  The SW winds were helpful in sailing up the Bay until the winds completely died (if those SW winds could have started about five hours later, it would have been perfect).  No wind, coupled with the Bay’s ebb tide, we really slowed down around Wolf Trap Light.  That is why God gave us a motor.  We both tried to get a bit of rest on the way up here.  Even so, it will be an early night.

Jean is away until tomorrow.  We just got a quick visit in with Floyd, John Melvin and his captain, Jason, for the tug ‘Gram Me.’  We are tied up to Floyd’s dock and the tug is on the dock behind us.  We were given a tour of the engine room to see all the recent work.  One engine was rebuilt and the other is new, new plating on the bottom of the tug and its bulkheads (3/8” or so), new generator, new other stuff that I do not understand but I did not interrupt the guys as they chatted about it.  The crew is off to get groceries as they have a barge due in Norfolk by 3 am tomorrow morning.  Not sure where they go after that. 

Floyd wants to leave for dinner at 5:30 pm.  I better get a shower and get ready.

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