Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Visitor's Center to Old Point Comfort

We rest so peacefully at the Dismal Swamp Canal Visitor's Center. It was hard to get up. We managed to tear away in time to make the 11 am bridge opening at Deep Creek. We did not go through the lock, rather tied up to the free dock at the park and walked over for lunch, as well as get some fruit at the Food Lion. Then we were off for the 1:30 pm lock and off to the Gilmerton Bridge. The bridge did not give us trouble this time, but the RR bridge right before it. It stayed down, making boats that arrived before us wait for over an hour. Once we got through that mess, we got stuck behind a cargo ship leaving a yard just after that bridge, it was doing less than three knots and in neutral we kept creeping up on it as well as spinning around in the tug prop wash. Finally we were able to take it on its port side and work into the anchorage at Portsmouth. We tried twice to get a hold, but kept pulling up trash that let the anchor slide. As a result, we moved on to the reliable Old Point Comfort. It was very busy cargo traffic in Norfolk and I cannot express how happy we are to have THAT behind us.

As we entered the anchorage, we were hailed by Sandy and Tom on Anonya. We know through Cruzheimers Net (SSB at 8:30 am) that we have been moving up the coast in close proximity and finally landed in the same anchorage. We have enjoyed meeting new people along the way, yet it was good to hear a familiar voice.

The goal tomorrow is the Ward's at Deltaville. For now, some munchies and zzzz.

Love to all,

Posted via Ham Radio.

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