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Monday, May 19, 2014

Challenge Update - From Dismal Swamp Visitor's Center

As you may have seen, some followers posted comments on the last post.  We also received emails with suggestions as to what bird visited us.  We went to the bookstore in Elizabeth City,  but they were out of the field guide for eastern birds.  However, while we were in the bookstore, I went through a book dedicated to warblers and I got a pretty good idea what bird charmed us out there.

It was fun to get all the input and we thank everyone for participating.  We are going to have to go with Bob and John's response of a 'Northern Parula Warbler,' and we will add that it was a female.  Here is a link to some pictures:  Northern Parula Warbler - female

We have always enjoyed Elizabeth City, even so the last few days was one of our best stays in E.C.  Thanks to Dan and Kathy (sailing vessel Paloma at Mid-Atlantic Christian University), we got to go to pizza the first night we arrived, and got to meet new people at New Community Church, including Austin and Sheena who also want to go out on a sailboat with their three kids.  Austin brought hot biscuits by this morning and helped us throw off the lines. Our weekend stay there included the Potato Festival - who knew!  We finally got to meet some potato farmers on Saturday, after viewing all the old John Deere's and some pretty fancy new ones.  There was also an eight row potato planter on site.  We did not even know they grew potatoes in this state.  Most of them are used for chips.

One vendor at the festival got all our business:  Homemade Ice Cream.  For me, at first the novelty was the John Deere run dual ice-cream, but after we bought ice cream, all I wanted was more!  Ted and Brenda also want to head out on a sailboat.  Here is a video of their John Deere run ice cream machines:  

There were different bands playing all day.  We took the short walk over to enjoy many of them, including the last band that played some Journey songs.  It was right out of our era and we reminisced about Steve Perry going to our high school and playing in the band Rainbow Bridge at our high school dances.  *SIGH* The old days.

The fireworks were set off from a barge out just a way from our dock. We had front row seats.  It was a great show.  After their grand finale and when the applause ended, I heard a child say "do it again!"

The trip up the Dismal Swamp Canal made us wonder if it was getting more overgrown.  It seems more narrow than before!  The cold water had the turtles out catching some rays for warmth.  Sometimes there is just not enough room on a log.

We are at the Visitor's Center on the Dismal Swamp Canal and the weather is perfect.  There are hardly any  bugs and not very many boats.  Only three of us on the dock and no rafting.  We are coming to the conclusion that it is a good idea to head north this early.  The water is a chilly 64 degrees, and the nights have been pleasantly cool.  We broke out jeans and sweatshirts, but only for the mornings and evenings.

Time to call it a night.

Love to all,

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