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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Broad Creek

We left Deep Point at first light before sunrise.  We wanted to get the 22 mile Alligator/Pungo Canal behind us.  The ‘patches’ of morning fog were only along the shoreline, and the canal consists of two shorelines.  In some places the fog was quite thick.  Myron had the radar and fog horn going and I was on the bow looking for logs and listening for traffic.  It was a surreal scene as the sun rose and its rays lit up the fall colored trees and melted away the fog.  I did my best to capture it on camera while simultaneously looking for hazards.  We had two bald eagles staying in front of us, flying from tree to tree and sometimes fighting amongst themselves.  We both confess:  this was the first time we saw the grandeur and beauty of the Alligator/Pungo Canal. 

We were out of the bottom of the canal by 10:30 am and well on our way for the remainder of the day of navigating the Pungo River, Pamlico River, Goose River and part of the Neuse River to arrive at Broad Creek.  We are expecting westerly winds for the next few days, which can make navigating Maw Point and going west on the Neuse River a bit of a nuisance.  Hence our goal of Broad Creek to wait out the westerlies.  We will stage here or near here until we have a good opportunity to get to Morehead City and then go out and down to Wrightsville Beach, or further.

Poor Hold Fast was so covered with leaves, I could have raked them in a pile to jump into.  I expect we will still be plucking them off the deck and out of the aft deck lockers when we get to Jacksonville.  It is a small price to pay for the stunning scenery of the Dismal Swamp Canal and all these subsequent tributaries.

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