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Monday, October 20, 2014

Elizabeth's Dock

Last night was one of our calmer stays at Old Point Comfort.  Very nice after such a boisterous ride down.  Even so, Myron was up early and I got up before 5 am, as we wanted to get through Norfolk early.  The transit was one of our better ones.  We just beat a freighter across the Newport News channel before he turned in.  The two dredgers on our route were well outside the channels.  We met an outgoing freighter at the Belt Line RR Bridge and ended up in the security zone to give him room, but the security boat just got out of our way.  Glad to see they are a little more sensible now.  The Gilmerton Bridge opened up almost exactly upon our arrival, all we had to do was give way to a north bound tug.  We were early for the Deep Creek Lock and tossed a rope around a dolphin to wait.  Robert gave us a quick heads up that he was going to load us early, allowing us to visit with him a bit.  In my opinion, that is good transit.  We did not see any of the Ward’s tugs around the Purdue dock, I think the grain has slowed down for now.

We saw several deer on shore once we turned off the main ICW and onto the Dismal Swamp Route.  We have seen so many deer this year.  More in the last couple of weeks than I have seen in years.  Especially by Wayne and Susan’s bread and breakfast.  That area has an infestation.  When we drove through it with Floyd and Jean, we saw at least 70 deer.  We wanted out of there before one became a hood ornament.

It is so relaxing on the Dismal Swamp Canal.  Tomorrow we plan to have breakfast with Robert at the lock and then mosey south a few more miles, taking in the beauty of the change of seasons as only the Dismal Swamp Canal can present.  As long as you are willing to allow other vessels to raft up to you, it is hard to get stressed out here (except maybe passing a north bound vessel which sometimes results in clipping tree branches with our rigging).

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