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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Deep Point

As always, a great stay at Elizabeth City.  We highly recommend a stop there.  They pride themselves on harbor hospitality.  I think we got our fill on fried oysters and oyster stew.  We are ready to move down to the land of shrimp.  We got separate visits in with Dan and Kathy.  It seems to be quite a busy time of year for them, further harried by the addition of a new grandchild.

As the cruisers were all visiting on the docks at dusk, we heard the most unfortunate and unforgettable sound of two teenage girls get hit by a car.  Many of the cruisers ran over to assist in any way possible and Myron spent a great deal of time trying to console the woman who was driving the car.  She would go from girl to girl checking on them, just beside herself.  We praise God that there were no life-threatening injuries, but likely broken bones.  It was such an unnecessary tragedy perpetuated by the girls’ attempt to run across the street before the car arrived.  Every time I recalled the event today, it would make me cringe for all involved.

We managed to attend a Bible study this morning, get back to the boat around 11 am and Gus (dockmaster) and Fred (North Star) cast off our lines by 11:15 am.  Due to such a late start, we were resolved to dropping the hook somewhere short of our original goal of Deep Creek.  Thank the Lord though, the winds picked up substantially and we were moving along at over 7 knots.  We were across the Albemarle Sound, into the Alligator River and at the bridge before 4 pm.  The Alligator River Bridge Tender timed his opening just perfectly for us.  We dropped the hook just after 6 pm and were blessed to watch the sunset at 6:16 pm.  We could not have asked for a better day.

Time to shower and make dinner.

Love to all,

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